RVYR 2020 has been canceled because of health concerns and group meeting restrictions. We have already received some cancelations from our registered attendees.

We are disappointed that we will not have the youth rally as planned but believe this is the proper choice in this situation.

The event may be rescheduled later this year.

River Valley 2020 is March 27, 28, and 29. We look forward to seeing you!

Our speaker for the 2020 River Valley Youth Rally is Spencer Furby

We are working on the detailed RVYR 2020 schedule of activities and will post it as soon as updates are completed.

Please share with your friends and family.

Registration is $20 each, with 2 youth leaders free.

“Is it OK to attend just on Saturday?” YES.

Some people have asked us about attending only on Saturday. That is perfectly OK – we have a full day on Saturday and it makes up most of the youth rally. We know that everyone is busy with activities at their own congregation. Being away for 3 days can be difficult and costly.

The 2020 River Valley Youth Rally will be held at Pleasant Valley Church of Christ in Van Buren, Arkansas March 27-29, 2020.

View the schedule and sign up for updates about the rally.

Spencer Furby: 2020 River Valley Youth Rally Speaker

Spencer Furby is our speaker for the 2020 rally.

Rally Information

  • Ages: 6th Grade through 12th Grade
  • Cost: $20 per person, with 2 youth leaders free of charge.
  • Shirts: Each paid attendee (plus 2 adults per group) will receive a t-shirt in their size. Register soon to select size.
  • Food: Meals will be provided for part of the youth rally (schedule details coming soon)
  • Song Leader: Daniel Hudgens

Highlights for the 2020 River Valley Youth Rally

Parents and Youth Leaders Session. Spencer Furby will be speaking in a breakout session with parents and youth leaders. This will be on Saturday.

Break out Class Sessions. We will have different breakout class sessions for all youth members that will be taught by ministers and church leaders.

Girls-Only Breakout Session. There will also be a session that is reserved for youth girls and women. This was very popular in past years, and our speaker, Shari Moxley will be back to teach this class.

Adult Hospitality Area. The adult hospitality area is a great place to gather with other adults who are doing the challenging & rewarding work of building young Christians. This area will be setup during youth break-out sessions and will have drinks and snacks.

Spencer Furby. Spencer is the pulpit minister at Valley View Church of Christ in Jonesboro, Arkansas. He will be speaking about the things God provides for us to help us attain spiritual sight.

Cookout. We will be cooking burgers and hotdogs for a great outdoor supper on Saturday evening. This was popular at last year’s rally.

Church Camp Experience. We have set aside time for outdoor activities to include things like: basketball, volleyball, frisbee, and football. After that, we will gather near the bonfire to sing church camp songs that will sound great outside.

Great Singing. Daniel Hudgens is back to lead singing for 2019. Several people commented on how enjoyable and inspiring it was to hear the singing worship of everyone.

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